CATS is an open source cryptocurrency project. CATS is fully decentralized, designed for simplicity, transacts at very high speed and very large scale.

work began on the project in spring of 2023 by a diverse group of developers and business professionals. their motivation to create a cryptocurrency protocol with the use case potential of CATS came from their backgrounds building:

  • social network platforms

  • content management systems

  • e-commerce systems

  • data distribution systems

  • online financial services

  • communication services

  • affiliate marketing

  • manufacturing and logistics operations

  • gaming platforms

  • accounting and legal practices

fundamentally, there was a recognition that

“all activity benefits from trusted transactions at scale”

which influenced the following set of first principles:

  • currencies should not be created with debt

  • currencies should operate at infinite scale

  • the cost of securing value can't exceed the value it secures

  • a currency's market value should be proportionate to its fundamental value

  • participants that increase fundamental value should be compensated

  • currencies should function without carrying the weight of previous transactions

  • currencies should work the same throughout the spectrum of transaction values

  • modern currencies should be at least as simple to use as primitive currencies

  • simplicity at the edge is only possible with equal simplicity in the foundation

to the extent there is an inverted correlation between utility and a store of value, CATS is not intended to compete with the use case or feature set of blockchain projects. the utility that comes from scale and speed has been prioritized, leading to the principles and methodologies described above.

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